EURO PALLET 1200mm x 800mm
Designed for Euro Pallet standard 1200mm x 800mm, the ISP2 Case system can be cross-stacked to form a solid load. The ISP2 Case metric system allows all 64 sizes to be mixed on an Euro Pallet with no wasted space. The use of columnar ribs in the case walls can support a much taller pallet stack than corrugated boxes. This takes advantage of overhead cargo space that would otherwise be wasted. Handles on all ISP2 Cases will enhance the speed of deployment over conventional containers.

NATO PALLET 1200mm x 1000mm
Designed for the NATO Pallet standard size 1200mm x 1000mm, the ISP2 Case system can be cross-stacked to form a solid load. The use of columnar ribs in the case walls can support a much taller pallet stack than corrugated boxes. This takes advantage of overhead cargo space that would otherwise be wasted. Handles on all ISP2 Cases will enhance the speed of deployment over conventional containers.
463L MASTER PALLET 2640mm x 2130mm
Military logistics have long relied on the 463L pallet to move large loads for multiple operations. However, unorganised and loose loads can threaten operations such as cargo airdrops. The Inter-Stacking Pattern builds a tight, stable load with minimal strapping or netting. Upper level cases, when cross-tied to the layer below, can effectively control shifting of the entire load.